Volume 24, No. 2       Buffalo County Historical Society     March-April, 2001

Historical Vignettes

A vignette is a short scene or incident. Historical vignettes are like short poems or story fragments that may seem incomplete but suggest an internal story or a micro-history that can be appreciated for their own value to inform or amuse while they may also inspire consideration and reflection of larger themes and events.

Historical Vignette: The Tea Pot
Told to Leroy A. Walker by John Nutter in the 1920's

       This story has to do with the Nutter family of Gibbon and it happened before the Colony arrived - in fact, before the railroad was built in 1866.

        The Nutter family lived in a log house, just north of where the eight-sided Nutter house now stands. The Nutters came from England and like all good Englishmen, liked their tea. In fact, they had two tea pots - identical tea pots, sitting on the shelf. But through habit and convenience, only one of the tea pots was used daily. The other one just sat there waiting its turn.

        Came the day when the supply of tea ran out. There was no store to buy more closer than Grand island - a day's journey away by ox team. These two-day shopping trips were not taken without real necessity. Day after day without tea soon became the real necessity. So, Mr. Nutter left for Grand Island. On the afternoon of the second day, one of the children was sent to the top of the log house so he could more easily spot the returning father - with the tea. As soon as he was sighted as a speck on the horizon a child was sent to get the tea and hurry back with it. A child could run faster than an ox team could plod, and the tea could be made and ready for drinking the very minute Mr. Nutter came to the cabin. This was done. Never had tea tasted better. So refreshing. It was only when the tea pot was being washed that it was discovered that in the haste to make the tea, that the second tea pot had been used - the tea pot in which the rattle snake rattles had been stored.

[Special thanks to Leroy Walker for this Historical Vignette. If you would like to contact Leroy his address is P.O. Box 116, Gibbon, NE 68840.]

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