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Come visit the

Quilt Display.

    In partnership with the Country Crossroad Quilt Guild, the Trails & Rails Museum has a new and free rotating exhibit titled “Quilting Through the Years: Timeless to Modern” in the Family History Center through September 28. Within the display, nearly 40 quilts hang on the walls, quilt racks, and lay on tables for the general public to peruse. Not only are guests amazed by the levels of intricate designs, embroidery, and creative use of fabrics impressive, but so is the general history associated with many of the quilts. According to the Community Engagement Director, Broc Anderson, of the Buffalo County Historical Society/Trails & Rails Museum “this quilt exhibition is truly an exceptional example of the local talent right here in Buffalo County.”

In addition to the quilting exhibit, the general public may purchase raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt made by BCHS volunteers to save the Sunflower School (District #23) and bring it the Trails & Rails Museum campus. Tickets are $3 or 4 for $10 and drawn on December 10 at the end of the annual Christmas Walk at the Trails & Rails Museum.

There is a quilt frame set up for the Public to join in to learn how to quilt.  Come on in and add to the community project.

You will also be able to see how the sewing machine through the years.

As a community service project for the Country Crossroads Quilt Guild throughout the Kearney Sesquicentennial anniversary, it was just the perfect time to put on a show in the museum. According to Amanda Benz, “it is a show that features previous ancestors of current generations of guild members who are proud of their quilts.” Benz added that having these quilts out on display for a wider audience honors the quilter and the many hours to make them despite being stored in a closest. For anyone interested, the Country Crossroads Quilt Guild meets monthly for anyone who has an interest in the craft. All contacts can reach the Trails & Rails Museum for this contact information for the local quilting guild.  

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