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To begin Digital Learning lessons and activities, we are discussing the first people here long before the pioneers. Nearly 6 million Native Americans populated much of the land in the western hemisphere prior to European colonialism. More specifically here in Nebraska, there were a wealth of various tribes and nations. From the Omaha along the Missouri River to the Oglala Sioux in the Panhandle, the first people here had their own stories and traditions that need to be told. Please see the more general resources from NET, partnered with History Nebraska and the Nebraska Department of Education.

This brief overview of native Americans is a great introduction to this unit.

Screenshot 2023-06-04 9.13.54 PM.png

There are plenty of resources here about all of the native American nations across the state of Nebraska. The picture above, from The Pawnee and The Lakota Sioux section, offers a great visual like many of the other sections found on this website!

Check out this great source more specific to the Pawnee here in Buffalo County. Here you will see a general history, notes from an archeological survey of various local Indian sites, and several firsthand accounts.

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