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Among the many Kearney, Nebraska's Sesquicentennial anniversary events and programs, the Pawnee at Fort Kearny: Share the History, Share the Harvest on October 7 seeks to shed light on a different perspective on the region during the nineteenth century.


Despite the widely celebrated pioneering history here in Kearney throughout the 150 years of incorporation, the history of the Pawnee is largely forgotten or negligibly told.


As a dispossessed indigenous people from their homeland in Nebraska, the Pawnee were forcibly relocated to present day Oklahoma. American interests related to the manifest destiny ideals on which Kearney was founded, was part of the decision making. Now in 2023, this event honors the contributions of the Pawnee Scouts based at Fort Kearny and the importance of the Pawnee corn as they continue into the twenty first century.


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