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BCHS Historical Curtains

Below are some of the historical curtains that the Buffalo County Historical Society has acquired so graciously from various locations within the county. These curtains give us insight into not only what businesses have been present within Buffalo County's rich past, but also a look into the institutions that aided the local stories and lives of those who were and continue to be around us today. 

To learn more about a particular business, simply click on that specific advertisement and you will have the chance to view another page with information on it.

*Research was completed by Annie Pflaum as a part of an internship within her Master's program at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. A big thank you to all who contributed and supported the process along the way!

*Sources were acquired from the BCHS archives, the Kearney Hub, and books such as Kearney Memories, Kearney, and Kearney Historic Homes.

World Theatre Curtain
Circa 1930s-1940s



Poole School Curtain 
Circa 1950s


District 83 Curtain
Circa 1950s


Kearney Area Curtain 
Circa 1960s
*We currently do not know the location where this curtain originally resided. If anyone has information about this curtain please contact the BCHS! Thank you!*

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